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In addition to training professionals working in the area of breast cancer and donating equipment and inputs, we also donate breast cancer detection and diagnosis tests for women in situations of social vulnerability, who have difficulty in accessing these tests.

The tests are donated in hospitals, partner clinics and mobile units.

With this, we contribute to the disease being diagnosed still in its early stages, when the chances of cure can reach up to 95%.

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Women Friends Campaign - March 2019
440 attendances held

Held in honor of Women's Month, the action took place at the Tenda Atacado shop in Vila Galvão - Guarulhos and provided mammography and diagnostic ultrasound exams for 440 socially vulnerable women. The "Mulheres Amigas" action was carried out with funds from Droga Raia's "Change Collection Program", Tenda Atacado's "Generous Change Program" and percentages from the sale of "Pink Products" marketed by the beauty companies Clinique, Jo Malone and La Mer in October 2018.

Thanks to the possibility of performing ultrasound for diagnostic clarification, there were no inconclusive exams (Bi-rads zero result).All cases that required follow-up in 6 months (Bi-rads3), as well as the cases that required biopsy (Bi-rads4and Bi-rads5) were referred to the Health Secretariat of Guarulhos, which performed the follow-up of patients and the scheduling of complementary exams, via the regulation system.

Campaign figures
Patients attended - 440
Mammographies - 439
Complements - 41
Ultrasonographies - 28
Referrals to specialist / biopsy - 11
Partners and Supporters
GerdauCyrelaTecnisaArymax Foundation
GerdauCyrelaTecnisaArymax Foundation
GerdauCyrelaTecnisaArymax Foundation
Women Friends Campaign - October 2019
1865 attendances held

Carried out as part of the activities of Americas Friends in the campaign "Look for the Good 2109", the action "Women Friends in Pink October" took place from October 1st to 31st in municipalities of Greater São Paulo and provided mammography exams and diagnostic ultrasound for 1. 865 women in socially vulnerable situations, besides providing consultations and biopsies for necessary cases.The services offered in the Mobile Unit of the Patrocínio Dr. José Figueiredo Cancer Hospital were carried out with funds from Droga Raia's "Change Gathering Program". The action also relied on partnerships, support and the work of volunteers, fundamental for the success of the campaign and the record number of women assisted.


The performance of ultrasonography to clarify the diagnosis contributed to avoid the issuance of reports with inconclusive results (zero Bi-rads);The women with reports (Bi-rads 3) were instructed to seek the UBSs where they receive care and present the exam and report to the Primary Care physician;The cases requiring consultation with mastologists and/or biopsies (Bi-rads 4 and Bi-rads 5) were referred to partner services (UNIFESP, FLEURY and EINSTEIN). Five patients, among the 41 referred, underwent biopsy in public referral hospitals;

Confirmed cases of breast cancer were referred for treatment, via Hebe Camargo Network.

Campaign figures
Registrations via Hotsite - 5,142
Attendances at the Mobile Unit - 1,865
Mammograms - 1,832
Complements - 338
Ultrasonographies - 284
Referrals to specialist / biopsy - 41
Breast cancer cases detected - 12
Partners and Supporters
GerdauCyrelaCyrelaArymax Foundation
Women Friends Campaign - March 2020
724 consultations carried out

Scheduled to take place during Women's Month, and benefit the populations of Carapicuíba, Guarulhos, Embu das Artes, Mogi das Cruzes and Suzano, the campaign was interrupted at the beginning of the 3rd week due to the pandemic of COVID 19.

Despite the premature interruption, up to March 17, 724 women received care in the Mobile Unit of the Patrocínio Cancer Hospital, where they underwent free mammography and ultrasonography exams.

All the patients received their exam reports on the same day the service was provided.

Patients with Bi-rads 3 reports were instructed to make appointments at UBSs close to their homes.Patients with Bi-rads 4 were referred to the Mastology Service of UNIFESP, where they were seen by a specialist doctor and underwent biopsy, when necessary.

Campaign figures
Registrations via Hotsite - 3,362
Attendances at the Mobile Unit - 724
Mammographies - 645
Complements - 113
Ultrasonographies - 135
Referrals to specialist / biopsy - 12
Breast cancer cases detected - 6
Partners and Supporters

Our thanks to Droga Raia, partners, volunteers and everyone who supported us in this action! We would also like to thank the doctors from the Women's Advanced Diagnostic Center (Fleury), the doctors from the UNIFESP Mastology Outpatient Clinic and the doctors from the Santa Catarina Municipal Hospital for the consultations and performing biopsies or complementary exams, after the service in the Mobile Unit.

Together we contributed to change the breast cancer scenario in Greater São Paulo.

GerdauCyrelaCyrelaArymax Foundation
GerdauBonsucesso Shopping CentreTecnisaGerdau

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