Donation of Exams

The main weapon in the fight against breast cancer.

Early Diagnosis

Created in 2015, the Exam Donation Program aims to promote access to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer for people in socially vulnerable situations. The donated exams, which include mammography, ultrasound, MRI, biopsy (Core, FNAC and Mammotomy), anatomopathological analysis and immunohistochemical analysis, are carried out in partner hospitals and clinics or during actions in which the exams are carried out in a mobile unit (cart) taken to regions that lack access to these exams.

About the project

The Americas Friends Program for the Donation of Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Tests takes place throughout the year throughout Brazil. In addition to donating exams in clinics, laboratories and partner hospitals throughout Brazil, the program also includes free care and exams in Mobile Units (carts and ships).

Every year during the Pink October Campaign, the actions are intensified and the cart travels through communities in the municipality of São Paulo, municipalities in the metropolitan region and cities on the coast and in the interior of the state.

All the people who come to the clinic with a change in their mammogram are taken in by the Américas Amigas Patient Navigation Program, all the necessary procedures are carried out free of charge and they are followed up until the diagnosis is clarified.

Since 2015, more than 80,000 exams have been donated.

+ 1,200,000 mammograms

This is done using donated mammography machines installed in public and philanthropic hospitals throughout Brazil.

+More than 80,000 tests carried out

Donated breast cancer detection and diagnosis, carried out in mobile units, clinics, laboratories and partner hospitals.

Operating in all 26 Brazilian states

1 breast cancer detected for every 140 mammograms performed*

*Average ofthe actions carried out.

Get to know some of our campaigns

Women Friends - Amazon Season 2022

A partnership between Américas Amigas and Daiichi Sankyo Brasil, the action began on March 8, 2022, and toured the north, northeast and central-west regions of the country, bringing free breast cancer detection and diagnosis tests to around 4,000 low-income women aged 40 and over.
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Did you know?

The Amigas Américas Exams Donation Programme is present in all regions of Brazil.
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PM Event - 29/10

We had the honour of participating in the Pink October Event organised and held at the 43rdBPM/M, Forty-third Battalion of the Metropolitan Military Police.
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Live with Orienta Vida and MLDP - 6/10

The NGO Orienta Vida, our partner for years, invited us to make a live together with MLDP (Mulheres de Peito de Campina Grande).
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MIX Everything Programme - 29/10

Radio MIX is our partner and in this pink October held 5 programs designed to discuss breast cancer. With special guests and full of content, we learned even more about the disease. The programs were broadcasted on Thursdays, at 18hrs, in @mixtudonamix.
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NATUZZI (15/10)

Natuzzi São Paulo, invited a team of architects and interior designers to develop pieces and works of art using leather as the raw material, a material that already plays a leading role in the covering of the brand's furniture. The pieces produced will be exhibited until the 10/11 and then auctioned. All the income collected will be reverted to Americas Amigas.
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In the fight against breast cancer, the best weapon is information.

Get to know the main UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN and its partners in Brazil are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, learn about the points that Américas Amigas supports.
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Américas Amigas turns 15!

It has been a journey marked by a lot of learning and an ever stronger desire to spread information and awareness about breast cancer, and to promote access to detection and diagnosis of the disease for the socially vulnerable population.
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JR Business: CEO of NGO Américas Amigas talks about work to combat breast cancer

The institution works to reduce mortality from the disease throughout Brazil.
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