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See who collaborates with our work on a daily basis.

See who is leading our work in the fight against breast cancer in Brazil.

Founded in 2009, Américas Amigas fights for access to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Below you will find those responsible for coordinating volunteers, donors and supporters who help us change many lives for the better.
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Founding Members

Andréa da Veiga Pereira
Barbara Sobel
Carlos Alberto Vieira
Chella Safra
Eric Street
Francisca de Paula Harley
Ida Sztamfater
Laura Marlene Gould
Marcelo Secaf
Maria Antonia Magalhães Civita
Renata Hauptmann Feffer
Richard Steere Aldrich Jr.
Roberto Civita (in memoriam)
Sergio Daniel Simon

Honorary Members

Barbara Sobel
Clifford Sobel
Nelson Jobim
Roberto Civita (in memoriam)
Sérgio Amaral (in memoriam)

Benevolent Members

Chella Safra
Moise Safra (in memoriam)
Donata Meirelles and Nizan Guanaes
Feffer family
Maria Helena and Jorge Gerdau Johanpeter
Vicky Safra
Joseph Safra (in memoriam)

Executive Board

Andréa da Veiga Pereira

Antunes Maciel Mussnich

Barbara Sobel
Director of Fundraising

General and Project Manager

Mirna Hallay de Andrade

Fiscal Council

Angélica Maria de Queiroz
Carlos Alberto Vieira
Eduardo de Faria Carvalho
Lucas von Wieser Ruggeri

Advisory Board

Eduardo Silveira Mufarej

Tracy Jane Francis

Chella Safra
Dr. Romeu Côrtes Domingues

Legal Adviser

Eric Street

Scientific Council

Dr. Marcelo Secaf
Dr. Sérgio Daniel Simon
Dr. Simone Elias
Dr. Paula Gemignani Soriano


Paulo Farias

Ângela Roberta de Souza Vieira


Myriam Zunder Damato Durante


José Francisco de Sá Teles Neto

‍IT Consultant

Donors - Equipment

Barbara and Clifford Sobel
Chella and Moise Safra
Donata Meirelles, Nizan Guanaes and Grupo Iguatemi
Eike Batista
Maria Antonia and Roberto Civita
Mariana Livnat, Doron Livnat and Guilherme Weege
Vicky and Joseph Safra
Fundação Arimax
Credit Suisse
GE Healhtcare
Gol Linhas Aéreas
Grupo Gerdau
Hologic and Pyramid Medical Systems
Lojas Riachuelo

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In the fight against breast cancer, the best weapon is information.

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The UN and its partners in Brazil are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, learn about the points that Américas Amigas supports.
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Américas Amigas turns 15!

It has been a journey marked by a lot of learning and an ever stronger desire to spread information and awareness about breast cancer, and to promote access to detection and diagnosis of the disease for the socially vulnerable population.
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The institution works to reduce mortality from the disease throughout Brazil.
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