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A story based on the fight against Breast Cancer

Founded in 2009, Américas Amigas is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Human Rights Promotion Entity. Its mission is to reduce breast cancer mortality rates among Brazilian women, especially those in situations of social vulnerability, by promoting early detection and diagnosis of the disease.
// venha conosco lutar contra o câncer de mama
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Why we need a volunteer like you

Américas Amigas' mission is to provide access to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer for socially vulnerable people who have difficulty accessing tests. This is not a simple job, and only by joining forces can it be achieved.

You can join us and bring welcome, information and assistance, transforming other people's lives. If you have this desire and want to dedicate some of your time to volunteering, sign up here and tell us how you could help.
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In the fight against breast cancer, the best weapon is information.

We are happy to share that Américas Amigas has received the NGO Verified Seal!

This certification is a seal of approval that proves our suitability and compliance with legal requirements, as well as certifying that the social organization's records and accounts are in order.
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Américas Amigas turns 15!

It has been a journey marked by a lot of learning and an ever stronger desire to spread information and awareness about breast cancer, and to promote access to detection and diagnosis of the disease for the socially vulnerable population.
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Get to know the main UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN and its partners in Brazil are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, learn about the points that Américas Amigas supports.
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