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Seriousness with the cause of fighting breast cancer, seriousness with your data.


The Amigas Americas Association (the "Amigas Americas" or "We") understands the importance of the duty to respect the privacy and security of the information of its users ("Users" or "You") who use the website ("Site"). Therefore, the use of such information is carried out in compliance with national data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Act (Law No. 13,709/2018 - "LGPD").


You may always contact Americas Amigas to clarify questions or exercise rights regarding your personal information. To do so, please contact our Data Protection Officer ("Data Protection Officer" or "DPO") at

To facilitate your reading, we have prepared the following table with a brief summary of the main points addressed in this Policy:

Our Policy does not apply to services offered by third parties, therefore, if any content presented on the Site refers Users, through an external link, to other websites or third party sites, we recommend the careful analysis of the privacy policies of these.


The User is free to use the services offered by the Site and, when choosing to use them, Americas Amigas will request the minimum data necessary to provide such services. Failure to provide the minimum data requested may make it impossible to access the services, making the use of the Site unfeasible.


Browsing data, automatically collected: During the normal operation of the Site, certain personal data may be collected as a result of Users' normal use of Internet communication protocols. Such information may include, for example, IP addresses, ISP, network and device performance, browser type, operating system; and will be collected solely to obtain anonymous statistics on Site usage in order to continually improve the access and content offered. Such information will be deleted after processing and may be used to determine liability in case of cybercrime.

Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data voluntarily provided by Site Users: Users may share their personal data and/or sensitive personal data in different contexts when using the Site, whether to become a donor, send a message to Américas Amigas, request testing or express their desire to work with Américas Amigas. Among the categories of data we collect, there are:

- Personal Data:

(i) To subscribe to our newsletter, send messages through the field "Contact" of our Site, or express interest in working with us, Users must provide their contact information, such as: full name, e-mail and telephone number;

(ii) If the User wishes to make a donation to Americas Amigas, we request, in addition to the contact data previously mentioned, date of birth, CPF, full address (postcode, street, number, neighborhood, city and state) and financial data (credit card data), so that we can process the payment of the donation; and

(iii) Finally, we also collect personal data from Users who are interested in registering and receiving a donation of a breast cancer detection and diagnosis test. For this purpose, Americas Amigas will collect the following personal data: full name, address, RG, CPF, telephone and e-mail. As you can notice, we collect the minimum possible for the full realization of the objectives of the Site in its purposes and legitimate purposes.

-Sensitive Personal Data: in some cases, so that you can benefit from examinations donated byéricas Amigas, we will need to collect, in addition to the personal data listed in item (iii) above, sensitive personal data of health, which will be informed to the medical laboratory, hospitals or clinics partners of Amigas, responsible for scheduling and conducting the tests. Upon completion of the exams, the reports/results issued by our partners may be shared withéricas Amigas for (i) identification of more urgent cases; (ii) follow up of the medical case; and (iii) referral to complementary exams, in order to continue the woman's diagnosis, or to specialist doctors for initiation of specific treatment. This information will be processed only if You have freely given your consent to the processing of your health data, always respecting the purpose described herein both for the collection and for the sharing, when this occurs.


Users are aware that when interacting with the Site, especially when offering their personal data for registration and sending messages via "Contact", they may be contacted by phone call, or receive messages by email and/or WhatsApp about Américas Amigas, including advertising content, for dissemination of news/campaigns involving the organization. If desired, the User can unsubscribe the receipt of such communications in the emails and/or WhatsApp received, communicating the telephone operator at the time of contact or, still, sending a message directly to our Officer (DPO) by email However, even if the User chooses to no longer receive the previous emails, calls or messages,éricas Amigas can still send transactional emails (for example, information about exams scheduled or performed) necessary to facilitate the use of the Site and the provision of services byéricas Amigas. Please remember that, even if the User chooses not to receive future communications,éricas Amigas can still send transactional e-mails (for example, in connection the scheduling and monitoring of exams) necessary to facilitate or enable the use of the Site and services offered byéricas Amigas.


The data is processed in accordance with the legislation and included in electronic or physical databases, according to the purposes established in this document, and accessed by the minimum number of people necessary for the treatment, all of whom are bound by the duties of confidentiality and security. Basically, Americas Amigas uses your data for:

● Contractual performance, meeting the purpose for which the data was provided: We may use the personal data You have provided to us to fulfill the purpose informed at the time of collection. For example, we may use your identification data to (i) process the payment of donations You wish to make; (ii) respond to enquiries made via "Contact Us" or "Work with Us"; and (iii) send newsletter and newsletters about the services we offer;

● Upon your consent: We may use your sensitive personal data, upon your consent, to (i) manage and operationalize the performance of tests with partner laboratories, hospitals and clinics; (ii) carry out the follow-up of women after the tests are performed, in order to encourage continuity of treatment; and (iii) preparation of statistical reports of Americas Amigas, including impact report of the organization's actions, however, in this case, your personal and sensitive data will not be informed or published in the results of the statistics.

● Comply with legal or regulatory obligations: your personal and/or sensitive data may be used to meet obligations set out in law, regulations of government agencies, tax authorities, Judiciary Power and/or other competent authority, such as the storage of records of access to the Site for a period of six months, as determined in the Marco Civil da Internet (Law No. 12.965/2014);

● To enable the regular exercise of our rights: even after the termination of our relationship with You, We may process some of your personal and/or sensitive data to exercise our rights of defence, including for the presentation of evidence in judicial or administrative proceedings; and

● To carry out internal processing activities based on our legitimate interest: we may process your personal data, with the exception of sensitive personal data, also, based on our legitimate interest, always observing the limits of your expectation and never to the detriment of your interests, rights and fundamental freedoms.The storage is done on servers that follow international security criteria and retained for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected, including for the purpose of compliance with any legal or contractual obligations, accountability or request from competent authorities. Thereafter, the personal and sensitive data will be deleted, unless there are other legal obligations of storage.

The storage is made in servers that follow the international security criteria and retained for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected, including for the purposes of compliance with any legal obligations, contractual, accountability or request from competent authorities. Thereafter, the personal and sensitive data will be deleted, unless there are other legal storage obligations.


Américas Amigas does not commercialize the personal and sensitive data collected on the Site or during the provision of its services. However, there is the possibility of sharing with our contractors, business partners and service providers, for the sole purpose of performing such services, based on the following criteria and for the purposes described below:

- Medical laboratories, health professionals, clinics and hospitals: we may share your personal and sensitive data with our partners in the health area, responsible for performing the exams and/or consultations and monitoring of the Users who benefit from exams donated by Americas Amigas. For that, we will expressly request your free consent, according to information previously provided in this Policy or in a specific document;

- Business partners, service providers and other third parties: these companies work withéricas Amigas to make possible the execution of the Site's functionalities and improve them. These partners receive Users' personal information for the specific purpose of providing services or fulfilling contractual arrangements withéricas Amigas and do not have any rights to use that information outside of that circumstance. Your sensitive personal data will not be shared in these hypotheses;

- Judicial Requirement:éricas Amigas can share personal and/or sensitive data in case of judicial request or determination of competent authority under the law; and

- With the User authorization: In other cases not provided above, having the objective of sharing personal and/or sensitive data, we will send the User a notification with information about such sharing to request your consent, for this purpose determined.


When visiting a website, personal information such as name, e-mail address and interests of Users are stored in a cookie. This is common practice on the Internet. Cookies help the Site to remember information about your visit, such as your language, for example. This can make your next visit easier and the Site more useful to the User.Aéricas Amigas uses cookies or similar technologies to collect information about the User's computer or mobile device in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and improvement in the browsing experience, leaving it up to Users to manage these cookies in their own internet browsers.


Americas Amigas wants You to feel secure when using the Site and, as such, we are committed to protecting the information that we collect from You and from third parties. To that end, we have implemented physical, administrative and technical security procedures to help protect your general information and that of third parties. Only authorized Amigas employees may access information while performing their duties.We use encryption when transferring data, such as your credit card information, between your system and ours. We also use firewalls and third party intrusion detection systems to help prevent unauthorized persons (hackers) from accessing your information. Be aware, also, that Américas Amigas will never ask you to send any password and/or banking information by e-mail, SMS, social network or other means.


Américas Amigas has a Personal Data Treatment Officer (DPO), available for clarifications or requests related to Users' information. To confirm the existence of treatment, request portability, the anonymization of unnecessary or excessive data, or even access, correct, update, revoke your consent and delete your personal data, as applicable, the User may contact by e-mail The request will be analysed and, if the request is legitimate and appropriate, it will be answered within a reasonable period of time, respecting the legal deadline of 15 (fifteen) days as of its receipt.


Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be informed by means of a posting on our Site. Therefore, we recommend that Users access our Policy periodically and note the date of modification, at the end of this document, to confirm any change. Significant changes regarding the purpose of the data treatment, or those which impact the rights of the data subjects, will be informed with greater emphasis.

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