Together against Breast Cancer

Since 2009, Américas Amigas has been dedicated to donating detection and diagnostic tests, training health professionals and providing awareness and information to women throughout Brazil.
*R$150.00 equals one mammogram
**R$250.00 equals one mammogram + one breast ultrasound
***The donation is made via the Doare platform and the amount donated is passed on to Américas Amigas
Pillars of action
The mission of Américas Amigas is to promote activities nationwide to reduce breast cancer mortality, mainly benefiting the socially vulnerable population, through early detection and diagnosis of the disease.

Donation of Exams

Facilitating access to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer for people in situations of social vulnerability.

Equipment and supplies

Donation of mammography machines and other equipment and supplies to support public and philanthropic hospitals in implementing or improving their imaging services aimed at detecting and diagnosing breast cancer.


Training for radiology technicians and technologists, specialist doctors, primary care doctors, nurses and community health workers.
Friendly Americas

Our figures
and impact

Américas Amigas has been deploying resources and carrying out actions in various regions of Brazil to combat breast cancer. These initiatives have had a significant impact on the fight against the disease.
What we do

Our fight
against Breast Cancer

Take a look at our fight against breast cancer, through dozens of actions that have taken tests to many women in situations of social vulnerability.

Américas Amigas app

An exclusive app that allows you to register to donate mammograms, contributing to access to essential tests for the early detection of breast cancer. It also offers a wide range of detailed information about the disease.

Meet some of the lives that have been transformed.

"Wonderful! I discovered a 1.1cm lump... but with the ultrasound exam we saw that it stays the same size, I hope to do the exam again this year!!!"
Flavinha Jacobi
São Paulo - SP
"It was very important for me because I discovered cancer without feeling any pain. Thanks to the mammogram done by OnG Américas Amiga"
Adelma Malato
São Paulo - SP
"Thanks to you I had an early diagnosis, I will be eternally grateful for your work, because I was assisted until the moment I was referred for surgery!"
Karina Torres
São Paulo - SP
"@americasamigasoficial the mammogram was essential for my cure, I never had any symptoms and I discovered the cancer in this project"
Rosana Pinheiro
São Paulo - SP