JR Business: CEO of NGO Américas Amigas talks about work to combat breast cancer

In an interview with JR Business, the CEO of Américas Amigas, Andréa da Veiga Pereira, talked about the history of the organization and its work to help women all over Brazil. Founded in 2009, Américas Amigas is an NGO that uses information, awareness and early diagnosis to reduce breast cancer mortality. In addition to mammography exams, the institution offers training for health professionals and donates equipment and supplies for public and philanthropic hospitals to improve or implement specialized care services against the disease.

Source: JR Business: CEO of NGO Américas Amigas talks about work to fight breast cancer - Exclusive Content - R7 JR Business

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We are happy to share that Américas Amigas has received the NGO Verified Seal!

This certification is a seal of approval that proves our suitability and compliance with legal requirements, as well as certifying that the social organization's records and accounts are in order.
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Américas Amigas turns 15!

It has been a journey marked by a lot of learning and an ever stronger desire to spread information and awareness about breast cancer, and to promote access to detection and diagnosis of the disease for the socially vulnerable population.
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We're among the best for the second year running

Américas Amigas receives the Best NGOs 2023 award, the most important award recognizing the work and social impact of NGOs in Brazil.
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