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Rendering of Accounts

The premises of Américas Amigas' actions involve transparency, seriousness and fairness in the way we use the resources we receive from donations, sponsorships and support. Below you can see the entire process, from donations to actions.

Everything is presented in detail with the utmost ethics and transparency that an NGO should have.

The search for better results is our constant

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  • 20 mammography devices for public and philanthropic hospitals in Brazil

  • 2 mammographs for Navy Ships that provide assistance to women living on the riverbanks of Amazonas and Pará

  • 1 mammography device for mobile unit Patrocínio Cancer Hospital Dr. José Figueiredo (MG)

  • 8 image sc anners (RCs)

  • 1 stereotaxic table

  • 1 vacuum biopsy system

  • 1 dry printer

  • Vacuum biopsy kits

  • +35,000 hours of capacity building and training for health professionals in the field of breast cancer in public and philanthropic health services

  • +1,100,000* mammograms made possible
    through the 23 mammography devices donated by Américas Amigas

  • +68,000 breast cancer detection and diagnostic tests donated

  • Breast cancer awareness and information campaigns


In the fight against breast cancer, the best weapon is information.

We're among the best for the second year running

Américas Amigas receives the Best NGOs 2023 award, the most important award recognizing the work and social impact of NGOs in Brazil.
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Glenda Kozlowski calls attention to Pink October: "We need to take care of ourselves"

Glenda Kozlowski emphasized the importance of early diagnosis for successful treatment of breast cancer, highlighting the Américas Amigas campaign.
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Women Friends - Pink October 2022

The Women Friends action is part of the Americas Friends Program for the Donation of Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Tests and takes place throughout the year throughout the country. Check it out!
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