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Américas Amigas was created with one ideal in mind: to reduce breast cancer mortality.

We have always known that the best way to fight a disease as serious as breast cancer is to seek all the help we can. That is why we are grateful to all the partners who support us. It is these partners who, alongside our supporters, volunteers and donors, help us to promote the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, which increases the chances of curing the disease.
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Donation of examinations

Latest actions

Américas Amigas action in Pink October 2023

Started at the end of September 2023, the Mobile Unit's journey in the state of São Paulo lasted until the first half of December.
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Did you know?

The Amigas Américas Exams Donation Programme is present in all regions of Brazil.
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Live with Orienta Vida and MLDP - 6/10

The NGO Orienta Vida, our partner for years, invited us to make a live together with MLDP (Mulheres de Peito de Campina Grande).
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MIX Everything Programme - 29/10

Radio MIX is our partner and in this pink October held 5 programs designed to discuss breast cancer. With special guests and full of content, we learned even more about the disease. The programs were broadcasted on Thursdays, at 18hrs, in @mixtudonamix.
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MIX TUDO programme - 15/10

with the participation of Dr. João Victor Lopes dos Santos (MD, Radiologist).
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FIDI - Live with Dr Vivian Milani and Suzana Gullo (13/10)

On 13/10 we had the pleasure to be represented by our supporter and friend, the businesswoman Suzana Gullo who held a live with Dr Vivian Milani, MD, Radiologist specializing in women's health and manager of diagnostic imaging services of public health network of Sao Paulo.
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