Find out who are the people who are fighting breast cancer together with you.

Here you will find videos of actions and campaigns of Americas Amigas in the fight against breast cancer.

They are testimonials, accountability and movements that we do all year round in order to continue to change the lives of many women with prevention, diagnosis, training for professionals in the area and of course, much love and respect for all these women.

Whether through exams, or donations of specialized workforce or mammography devices we are, in fact, together against breast cancer.

Americas FriendsInstitutional - 2018
Maria Doll - Women with breasts
Action in Campina Grande Américas Amigas
Liv Up and Ong Amigas
Video Ivete Sangalo Campaign 2016
Institutional Video 2014 Americas Amigas
Friends of the AmericasInstitutional - 2017
Marque esse Gol Campaign Testimonials
Testimony of Dr. Silvia Prioli
Maria Breast WomenDoll Video
Americas AmigasInstitutional Video 2008-2009